A Learning Model for the Future

Aoun, J. 2017. A Learning Model for the Future. In Higher education in the age of artificial intelligence. MIT Press. pp45-75

key points

  • technological skills among most desirable on the planet
  • historic role of education in elevating people to the next level of economic development
  • future will depend more from us therefore we need to demand more from education
  • ‘an education for the digital age needs to focus not just on technology and understanding what technology can do but also what it cannot do – at least for now and perhaps never’.

I find the above statement close to my way of thinking about technology in learning and teaching and  I do see the role of technology in education as fundamental however not as a tool or subject to replace the other methods that can be implemented in teaching and learning. Thinking creatively seems to be of of the element that is debatable as to what degree technology can ‘think’ imaginatively.

  • ‘education should cultivate out creativity’

it prompts a question about being actually able to tech creativity…


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